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We are helping organizations to become leaders in their respective markets. Learn in detail about who are clients are and what we have done to help them to successfully achieve this goal.

American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia
Ecenter carried out a business improvement project which helped the organization to significantly grow its revenues and membership base; strenghtening AmCham’s leading position in the market. Read more about this engagement

Five, one of ECENTER’s long term clients is a luxury clothing retailer, which tripled its business within 1.5 years after engagement with Ecenter. Today, it belongs to the leaders in the market. The engagement included strategic and financial planning, negotiations with key business partners, business development, co-managing entry to a new market and mystery shopping services for the company. Read more about this engagement

Schill Dental
Ecenter helped Schill Dental to become the largest dental care provider in Slovakia; our long term cooperation included strategic business development consulting, and management assistance in day-to-day operations. Read more about this engagement

 Indonesian Embassy in Slovakia
Ecenter analyzed current status of Indonesian imports to Slovakia, identified space for improvements and provided 25 specific suggestions which could help to improve Indonesian imports to Slovakia. Only 20% of ECENTER’s suggestions implemented resulted in year-to-year growth of the imports by 24% in two consecutive years. Read more about this engagement

Ecenter trained the top management in Slovakia. The training was custom-designed with pre-defined objectives. In anonymous feedback, ECENTER missed just a one single point from one out of fifteen managers out of the maximum possible points it could achieve in three different categories.

 Société de Peinture de Pieces Plastiques (SPPP)
Ecenter analysed the company’s facility in France in order to prepare a road-map and set of suggestions for opening a new facility in Slovakia.

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