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Schill Dental

At the end of 2004, ECENTER was asked to assist Dr. Alexander Schill with further growth of his dental clinic. Dr. Schill’s goal was to work with external organization like ECENTER that can assist with Management while the Doctors can keep their focus on professional growth in the medical area.

Our Engagement

ECENTER has conducted focus groups, surveys, training of the personnel, assistance with financial planning and monitoring, business plans. Our company also oversaw change in personnel remuneration system and structure, transformation into an s.r.o (LLC), recruitment of new personnel, acquisition assessments and negotiations of new dental offices, IT system improvement, drafting marketing plans and managed promotional campaigns.
ECENTER has been providing management assistance services to Schill Dental since 2004.

Achieved results

Schill Dental has achieved outstanding performance results and as of today, the company is a clear leader in its market. In 2010, the company has grown to 16 times its size 6 years ago, when ECENTER started to provide its assistance.

Other benefits

There is not much to add to the outstanding performance. Perhaps, only that Dr. Schill remained the sole owner of this largest Dental clinic in Slovakia. Improved processes, close financial monitoring system are all set for the next growth phase.